Notes from our Clients

I want to tell you how much yesterday’s session meant. That particular incident had really impacted my life, especially when I was younger. To the point, I had PTSD from it.

I had worked on it before through therapy and other things, but I didn’t realize how much more there still was and how that it had still impacted me in other ways. Seriously, I think a large chunk of hate and resentment that I’ve felt for my mother all these years resided in that memory.

I’m really grateful that memory came up again and that you were able to help me with it. I already feel different.

I will continue to work on whatever comes up. And thank you for your insight and positive words that are helping me come more into my own 🙏🏻
— R.M., Connecticut

All in all my birth lasted a very speedy 4h total and 3h of contractions until my baby was delivered. I had a no drug, natural delivery and a calm and peaceful one, even though there was an emergency at the very end. With the tools I learned with you, I remained calm throughout, kept holding the rock you gave me and had faith everything will be ok.

I am absolutely over the moon and so grateful to have had the birth story I dreamt of, even with the slight hiccup at the very end I feel so grateful to have delivered so quickly, drug-free and naturally. I worked with my body and trusted my body could do the job. I visualized her descending and listened to my meditation throughout while holding my heart shaped rock.

The baby is in great health, and she is a milking queen.
Thank you so much for all your help and support Heather. You have truly played a big part in my preparation for arriving at my goal, and for that, I will forever be thankful to you.
— N.S., London

It’s so cool - a number of “things”/memories I’ve been trying to work on for several months (some almost a year) have shifted - one flip after another, almost on their own, easily. A meta-narrative has changed in a profound way.

How I am with myself has been so much easier, so accepting - even when I’m not. I’m letting go, moving through more easily.
— M.B, NYC

Still feeling incredible from our last session! “Thank You” feels like such a puny statement for what I am feeling this morning with your help but thank you.
— L.H., Oregon