Becoming a mother is one of the most life-changing stages of a woman’s life.  Many of us have been taught that childbirth = pain.  That does not have to be the case!  Along with all of the physical and chemical changes that occur in our bodies, getting pregnant and becoming a mother can trigger many fears, insecurities and past hurts.  Our brain searches for references on how to be a parent, or what labor and delivery will be like…and for most of us, it does not bring up pretty pictures!

It’s time that we change our minds about this process!  Your body is perfectly capable of bringing forth life (which is amazing enough), in a relaxed and intentional way.  As we address anything that might be holding you back from your ideal birth experience, we can clear those painful memories and give you back the control that you desire.


We have had incredible success in helping women around the world achieve their ideal birth experiences.  Whether you birth at home, assisted or in the too can achieve the peaceful, powerful and enjoyable experience of giving birth.  Many woman report having much shorter, pain-free labors and deliveries!

Not only is this beneficial for the mother (and the father!), but the baby is brought into this new world with peace, relaxation, and confidence.  There is no better gift to give yourself and your new baby!

**Struggling with infertility?  This technique has helped countless women overcome fertility and go on to get pregnant and have children.