Maui Mind Spa



Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.


We have created a multi-day intensive dedicated to helping you transform your life. A transformational retreat customized to your individual needs including specific days, length of stay, and number of people. It’s designed with a focus on five essential pillars that will help you flourish and thrive.


Who is this created for? 


Maui Mind Spa is a great way to meet and connect with new friends! If you would like to join an existing group, join our waiting list and we will inform you when a potential spot opens up.


Getting deep emotional work done individually and together can be one of the most profound transformational experiences you will ever experience as a couple.


Whether you have experienced a recent tragedy together or you want to heal old wounds and reconnect with those you love most, the Maui Mind Spa is a place for new beginnings.


Health and Wellness can have a powerful effect on a business’ bottom line. Productivity, morale, absenteeism, communication…all can be improved when we gain a deeper understanding of our mind and body. Nothing brings a team together like a group outing. Especially one designed to address stress and emotions. We have seen first hand how going on a healing journey along as a team can create deep, long-lasting bonds that naturally promote teamwork leading to a stronger business and work environment. 

5 Essential Pillars of Maui Mind Spa



If we don’t allow the mind to slow down, the body begins to hurt. Rest, rejuvenate, and relax in a comfortable, soft bed with luxurious organic linens in your private room (or share a room with a friend) where you will have complimentary coffee, tea, purified and bottled water, mini-fridge, ceiling fan (no need for air-conditioning), wifi, Aveda bath products, and daily housekeeping and turn-down service. Plus…

  • Take a leisurely stroll through the organic gardens.

  • Lay by the pool and soak up the warm, tropical sun.

  • Let the gentle breeze whispering through the pine trees gently rock you to sleep in a hammock.

  • Allow your mind and body to gently let go of the useless chatter and sit through our guided meditations.



Often, when we are so busy and stressed out, one of the first things to suffer is our discernment for what we eat. To accelerate your transformation, we want to provide you with the proper fuel so that your energy and vitality will begin to soar!

  • A chef will be provided to prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for your entire stay.

  • Healthy, fresh, organic, farm-to-table meals to excite your senses and satisfy your soul.

  • Special dietary request? No problem! Let us know ahead of time, and we will make arrangements for you.



Our spirits are here to experience the physical world. A healthy balance between the psychological and the spiritual is a connection through movement and breath.

  • Daily (optional) yoga classes for all levels. Experienced teachers will guide you.

  • Group hiking to volcanoes, rainforests, beaches, or waterfalls.

  • Take a swim in the saline pool or a soak in the hot tub.


Emotional Release

The heart of the retreat. Without a doubt, the one thing that has made the most impact in our lives is our commitment to turn inward.

When you were born, you immediately began adapting to your environment. Then, after being indoctrinated into the culture of that environment, you formed beliefs about yourself, based on memories of past experiences, that you inadvertently rehearse over and over. You then develop your identity and ideas of how the world works based on those beliefs.

Unfortunately, most of us are operating from an outside-in model of thinking that points to our circumstances, parents, spouses, or our past and then says, “that’s why I have these problems.” We innocently behave like victims and hand over our power to outside events, places, and people.

The first step toward transformation is to uncover and intervene in the habitual thoughts, traumatic experiences, and negative self-talk that are creating and supporting what you don’t want.

This is what we have committed our lives to, and now we are committing to help you. And we couldn’t think of a better place to do it than the healing Island of Maui.

  • Multiple, customized, personal one-on-one sessions with us.

  • Group talks to educate, meditate and transform.

  • Three follow-up Skype sessions after the retreat.

  • Six months of group support through monthly online webinars.



One of the most beneficial elements of embarking on your healing journey is the deep feeling of love and connection you will cultivate. Without a doubt, working through and releasing the baggage of your past and supporting others in their journey creates a bond like no other.

Our intention for this retreat is to meet new life-long friends and fellow travelers on this magical journey called life. Life is a series of ups and downs, and when we join together, we offer support and comfort through the turbulence, which brings us hope.

  • Meet new friends.

  • Stay in contact after the retreat.

  • Cultivate love, understanding, and compassion as you grow and transform together.


Heart of the Retreat

What really sets this retreat apart from most is the personalized Mind Change sessions that will allow you to address painful memories, belief systems, and behaviors that prevent you from living life the way you want.  

Many past clients reported freedom from: addictions, traumas, negative beliefs, anxieties, relationship issues, grief and loss, phobias, chronic illness and more.

Clearing out emotional baggage is one of the most important and transformational experiences you can give yourself. Our Practitioners will take your hand and guide you through a highly refined process customized specifically for you.

Your intention is for this retreat to be a place where deep insight, realizations, and inner change occur for all of us.

Transformed on Maui

In the Hawaiian culture, there is an ancient tradition of acknowledging the spirit within you, the true meaning of Aloha.

The spirit, energy, the intelligence behind life, is known as Mana.

No matter how much you have going on in your life with to-do lists, work, relationships, health, emotional traumas, Mana is always flowing through you.
hat better place to rest, rejuvenate, replenish, and re-connect with your infinite spirit than the beautiful north shore of Maui, Hawaii?

Unplugged from the hustle and bustle of life, you will be provided with meals, lodging, personal transformational sessions, and group classes / activities all included. 

This could be exactly what you’re looking for!


What's included? 

Private Sessions with a mind change Specialist

Private Sessions and Crossfire Sessions with our highly skilled and caring practitioners! Clearing out emotional baggage is one of the most important and transformational experiences you can give yourself. We will take your hand and guide you through a highly refined process explicitly customized for you. You will also join your new friends in group discussions with our facilitators where you will learn valuable skills and understandings that you can take with you to enrich and empower your life long after you leave the island. 

Farm to table meals 

Sit back and let our local in-house Chef create a healthy, locally sourced culinary experience for you. 
Locally sourced proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Join us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Dietary Restrictions can be accommodated for, and all food allergies can be avoided: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Shellfish, Nuts


yoga classes / Spa Treatments

Whether you are an experienced Yogi or a curious beginner, we've got you!
Creating a balance between the mind and the body is about presence, movement, and breathing. No matter what level you are at, allow yourself the experience of total integration for peace, health, and vitality.  We also have optional Spa Treatments that can be arranged:  Facials, massages, and the list goes on!  Soak in the new you!

Hikes and hawaiian culture

In addition to your private and group sessions, you will have the option of several additional ways to enrich your retreat experience. Whether it’s Meridian Tapping, guided hypnotic meditations, the ancient Hawaiian problem solving/forgiveness technique of Ho’oponopono, or hiking through the paradise of Maui, there is indeed something for everyone.



Join us at this historic property overlooking Maui's North Shore perfectly situated on the lower slopes of Haleakala. Boasting sweeping ocean and mountain views and just 15 minutes from Kahului Airport (OGG). Transportation to and from the airport is provided.
A beautiful sanctuary that awakens the senses and impresses an authenticity, beauty, love, and creativity.
You’ll have the choice of sharing a room with a friend or enjoying deluxe private accommodations.
Relax in hammocks in the Whispering Pine Forest.
Enjoy the star-gazing deck after sunset.
Commune with others at the outdoor fire seating areas.
Take a dip in the saline pool and jacuzzi overlooking the mountains and ocean.
Enjoy a walk through the citrus, banana, and papaya tree orchard, the meditation labyrinth, or the vegetable herb garden, and of course, no visit to Hawaii is complete without a trip the beach! 

So what's the next step?

Prices and specifics may vary for each retreat.  


Reawaken your spirit!