Sometimes we just need an extra boost! 

For those who want individual focus for a number of consecutive days, we offer multi-day intensives. Kent and Heather will work on you using their Lomi-Lomi session techniques (2 practitioners at the same time). This amounts to massive changes as the subconscious has a difficult time keeping hold of the patterns ad programs while so much scrambling of the neuro-network is happening.

In addition to this, you will be able to experience great healing while grounding yourself on the beautiful island of Maui, eating fresh, doing yoga, and enjoying the surroundings of this magical place. Beaches, hikes, and sights abound while you are daily rewiring the neuropathways of your brain and digging out you negative core beliefs.

Who is this created for?

Anyone! Whether you are in a rut, feeling stuck in a relationship or career. Or if you are having mid-life crises or chronic illness. Maybe there is an addition in your life that you need to overcome. Or perhaps you are doing well in your life, but want to enhance it in order to live life to the full — Whatever the need, we can help.



Maui Mind Spa is a great way to meet and connect with new friends! If you would like to join an existing group, join our waiting list and we will inform you when a potential spot opens up.


Getting deep emotional work done individually and together can be one of the most profound transformational experiences you will ever experience as a couple.


Whether you have experienced a recent tragedy together or you want to heal old wounds and reconnect with those you love most, the Maui Mind Spa is a place for new beginnings.


Health and Wellness can have a powerful effect on a business’ bottom line. Productivity, morale, absenteeism, communication…all can be improved when we gain a deeper understanding of our mind and body. Nothing brings a team together like a group outing. Especially one designed to address stress and emotions. We have seen first hand how going on a healing journey along as a team can create deep, long-lasting bonds that naturally promote teamwork leading to a stronger business and work environment. 

Take the next step that leads to massive changes in your life.
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